Abrasion-Resistant Rubber

Rubber abrasion resistance is one of the key qualities in play when you are working with various types of rubber. In applications with high physical demands, an abrasion-resistant rubber might be necessary to stand up to the challenge. In order to select and use the most suitable material in an abrasive environment, it is important to know what abrasion-resistant rubber is, how it is measured and how this resistance impacts performance in high-stress settings.

Abrasion refers specifically to the wear which is caused to a material through friction when it comes into physical contact with something else. This wear can be caused by a wide variety of different processes. These can include repeated impacts, scuffing, scraping, sliding and grinding, among other motions. Rubber abrasion resistance is the ability of the rubber to withstand such abrasive wear. Some forms of tough rubber excel in providing protection against abrasions, making them perfect for certain projects. Generally, abrasion is far more likely to occur when motion is involved, as this creates a greater rate of friction-induced wear. In this kind of application, using abrasion-resistant rubber can provide the key to success by giving you a highly protective rubber surface.